Members of the parish unite in making continuous hours of adoration before Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Parishioners are encouraged to devote one specific hour per week to private prayer in our Adoration Chapel.

“To visit the Blessed Sacrament is a proof of gratitude, an expression of love, and a duty of adoration toward Christ our Lord.” (Paul VI, MF66)

It is a source of parish unity and for many, a more active expression of their faith. To gain the benefits of being a committed adorer, you are invited to please contact anyone below with a specific hour you desire on any day of the week. If you’re available and would like to be given an hour just contact the division leader below and they will provide an hour for you on a day you select.

Eucharistic Adoration Coordinators:
Head Coordinator – Kim Waller (314) 583-3085  or
Ministry Point of Contact – Jan Jordan (314) 856-8966 or
Eucharistic Adoration Division Leaders:
Midnight to 6 a.m. – Mary Sturm (314) 623-6356 or
6 a.m. to Noon – Michael Hey (314) 406-9573 or
Noon to 6 p.m. – Jan Jordan (314) 856-8966 or
6 p.m. to Midnight –Ginnie Guinness (314) 922-3714 or