Faith. Works. Wonders.

The Mission Continues!

 As we enter our second month of staying at home, we know more and more of our parishioners are feeling the impact of the pandemic financially and emotionally.  There are daily reports of furloughs, lay-offs, business closures as well as the grim statistics of Covid related illnesses and deaths.  We know that many of our families have been economically affected by the pandemic even if only temporarily.  Our Faith. Works. Wonders. program is here for you.  We have established a fund for our families in need and we are working in conjunction with our St. Vincent de Paul group to help with financial hardships.  If you need assistance with groceries, necessities, or bills, please contact Sandy in the Parish Office at (636) 227-7440 or information is kept confidential.  We are a parish family and called as one in the Body of Christ to love and care for our neighbors especially when they need it most.  Many of you who are currently suffering economically are also those who would be the first to lend a hand or chip in to help your fellow parishioner—now it is time to let us help you. 

Faith. Works. Wonders. is also here to provide emotional support during this time.  Many of us are feeling isolated, anxious, fearful, and overwhelmed.   You are not alone!  We have volunteers who would love to spend time talking to you and have a cup of coffee—even if it’s over the phone.  If you or someone you know, would like to hear from one of our volunteers, please contact Sandy in the Parish Office (636) 227-7440 or 

Let us continue to lift up each other in prayer!

Fr. Ed Stanger